Saturday, November 21, 2009


HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION has a primary objective that lays focus on the research activities concerning the heritage and cultural aspects of human societies .The collection and interpretation of the data related to these fields for the objective understanding of the heritage issues .Interpretation of heritage is the most challenging issue in the present world order when the domain of understanding the aboriginal culture has minimized due to the political vested interests who bully the policy making and decision establishment and work against the minority groups.

HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION has a resolve to release the heritage and culture from the tentacles of the vested interests who have held these minority groups and internally displaced communities hostage to their fascist tendencies working overtly and covertly to instigate the communal forces from the majority community to trample and erase the marvels of nature and innovations of the human mind.

HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION resolves to expand the intellectual domain of the heritage issues with exemplary research and thus generating a data base for the scholars and the policy making bodies at the international level to preserve and conserve the heritage for the posterity and save the humanity from abusing the outcome of the interaction between humans and the nature that is the heritage in all its tangible and intangible forms.

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