Sunday, November 15, 2009


HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION has been conceived as an idea that views the heritage and culture as a man's response to the nature.The refinement of human thoughts leads to their crystallisation in the form of monuments of religious and historical significance significance.It includes a variety of structures and dwelling places that are paramount for the sustenance of life.This process does not start in isolation as it includes the environment,landscape and geography of a place where an ethnic or religious group shapes its culture.It is a mosaic of all the ingredients that a nature can offer and ultimately structures emerge on the habitats and homelands of the aboriginal societies and the religious groups.and materials used to shape these structures are locally available and compatible that give the structures their uniqueness.That is the tangible part of the heritage.
The intangible part involves the celebration of life in these natural habitats and homelands which are in harmony with the nature and the specific environs.These includes the beliefs,folklore,folk songs beside other cultural moorings like the handicrafts and the celebration of festivals and ceremonies that define the cultural contours of the aboriginal groups and define their ethnic and religious growth and social structure.
The conflict in terms of religious fanaticism and terrorism that has engulfed these places has poses a serious existential threat not only to the heritage located in these regions but to the overall existence of these indigenous communities as well.The reason being the persecution and the religious onslaught inflicted on these stakeholders in their homeland forcing them to flee to safer places for safeguarding their life and culture.This ethnic cleansing inflicted on the religious minorities is the direct consequence of the religious terrorism directed to encircle these minority groups after reducing their numbers by conversion and persecution over the centuries in collaboration of the political class which acts as a shield for the destruction of these minorities at all intellectual levels and destruction of heritage being the cardinal prinicple of the elimination process.
HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION aims to adopt a multi pronged strategy with a researchers bent of mind to create a data base of the present and past condition of all forms of heritage at these places.The mission of the HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION is to focus on the restoration,conservation ,preservation and above all the sensitization of all the stakeholders to inspire and educate them regarding the significance of the heritage .At the same time HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION has a defined role to evolve a strategy that helps to recreate the aura of heritage in the market space in term of the tourism products that can influence the tourism policy makers to take heritage as an essential ingredient of the overall business.allowing the stakeholders to keep their heritage alive with the capital that comes into the heritage zone with the influx of the heritage and cultural tourists.HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION is a catalyst that believes in relieving the heritage from the oblivion of the past to the dawn of present to celebrate the significance of the past wisdom and glory for human harmony and well being.As HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION has a philosophy which stresses that the memory is a shield and heritage is an eternal artery of that shield and if this artery is blocked then it will lead to the collapse of the people who are its main stakeholders.So in "HERITAGE LIES THE HEART" of the ethnic communities.

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