Thursday, November 12, 2009


HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION is an organization dedicated to the heritage issues in totality.The multidisciplinary approach towards the heritage forms the basic policy of the organization.HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION lays stress on the historical,cultural,traditional,geographical,political,economic aspects of the heritage and the other related issues like culture.
Heritage in both tangible and intangible form faces threats from major obstacles from terrorism guided by religious fanaticism and the changing environment.The serious set back has been received by the heritage of the aboriginal communities directly from the terrorism that has led to their displacement from their homelands leaving their tangible heritage in the hands of the fanatics and tier intangible heritage faces threat from the psychological factors that come into play due to absence of the political empowerment ,the reason being their fractional number in terms of vote bank politics.which leads to their exclusion from the policy making in the heritage issues as minority issues are held hostage to the majoritarian policy formulations.
HERITAGE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION addresses these issues from all viable perspectives and aims to create comprehensive policy formulation for preservation ,conservation and marketing of the heritage issues in terms of tourism and research aspects .Thus making it a universal issue that concerns all the world citizens.

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